Functional Food Glucosamine Non-Gmo Joint Pain Relief Cartilage Supplement With Natural Chondroitin Ingredients that Promotes Joint Comfort & Flexibility, Cartilage and Connective Tissue and Relieves Aches, Soreness & Inflammation of Back, Knees

  • JOINT SUPPORT: Functional Food Glucosamine tablets contain glucosamine hydrochloride which improves the effectiveness/maintenance of joint cartilage, helping to boost mobility, increase flexibility, support structure and protect joint tissue
  • EFFECTIVE & STRONG: Our joint pain relief supplement is designed for anyone with joint pain, stress or stiffness, whether through age, weight or athletic deterioration. Powerful ingredients help to rebuild and maintain joint flexibility
  • NON GMO: The use of GMO meat is common in beef and pork supplements. However, we feel that our customers deserve safe, quality, effective products, which is why we use only non-GMO wild ocean fish caught straight from the sea
  • US PATENTED INGREDIENTS: Our supplement contains over 2200 mg per portion of fish Chondroitin and Glucosaminen 860 mcg Type II Collagen - much higher than other similar products, plus US patented ingredient UC-II as a supportive ingredient
  • JAPANESE QUALITY: Our product is Good Manufacturing Practices Certified, only produced by GMP. From formulation, manufacturing and quality control, we adhere to superior Japanese standards, achieving the gold Monde Selection award in 2017

150 mg 600 tablets



Functional Food Glucosamine is a complete supplement for the joints. It is designed for anyone who has joint pain, joint stress or experiences joint stiffness. Our product also helps to repair cartilage, boost joint mobility, increase joint flexibility, support joint structure, protect joint tissue and reduce inflammation. Two of the main components of our product are Glucosamine and Chondroitin and below is how it works. ●Glucosamine is amino sugar consisting of glucose and glutamine (one of amino acids), and forms tissues of bone, cartilage, skin, nail and hair. ⇒Promotes main components of cartilage(proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan). ⇒Supports production of proteoglycan, and it brings much moisture in the cartilage. ●Chondroitin is one of mucopolysaccharide (generally derived from shark or cow). ⇒It works like magnet, and it absorbs moisture. ⇒Prevents enzyme from decomposing cartilage, and avoid unneeded damage. ⇒Promotes production of components which creates new cartilage. We care deeply about our customer's satisfaction and the betterment of their health. Real improvement takes plenty of effort and sacrifice and that is where we come in. We are confident our Functional Food Glucosamine will help you to get rid of joint pain & inflammation. Give our supplement a try and we promise you will the result.

24 tablets daily



Joint Pain Relief Cartilage Supplement With Natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin Ingredients that Promotes Joint Comfort & Flexibility, Cartilage and Connective Tissue and Relieves Aches, Soreness & Inflammation of Back, Knees, Hands and More


Shark Chondroitin, Roast Kelp Powder, Soy Isoflavone (Non-GMO), Chicken Cartilage Extract Containing Ⅱ type Collagen, Glucosamine Hydrochloride (derived from crab and shrimp), V.C, Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester

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