Barley natural digestive supplement with Bifidus (Lactobacillus) & fibre for peak health and constipation relief

  • Supplied in boxes of eight 15g sachets, totalling 120 grammes of Barley powdered concentrate. Now, there is no need to swallow any suspicious pills to KEEP THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM IN GOOD HEALTH. Enjoy this natural barley supplement as a quick and straightforward part of your everyday self-care routine or to provide GENTLE CONSTIPATION RELIEF
  • Contains Yacon extract, a natural sweetener, which regulates blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol. This natural product MAY HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS as part of a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise programme; it is also thought to boost the immune system and strengthen overall health
  • CLINICAL STUDIES have shown THE BENEFICIAL EFFECT that lactic acid has regarding the improvement of the intestinal anaerobic flora, removal of harmful Welch bacilli and reduction of visceral fat around the internal organs. Food passage through the digestive tract also quickens by up to one third, with regular movement and throughput to provide a MILD AND NATURAL CONSTIPATION REMEDY
  • BACILLUS BIFIDUS (ALSO KNOWN AS BIFIDOBACTERIA OR BB536) BENEFIT INTESTINAL HEALTH BY GENTLY REDUCING CONSTIPATION AND SUPPORTING PROPER BOWEL FUNCTION. EACH SACHET HAS TWO BILLION BIFID BACTERIA when packaged, as well as 4.5 grammes (4,500 milligrammes) of Barley, 100 milligrammes of Vitamin C and a recommended amount of heat-sterilised lactic acid
  • Packaged in a conveniently portable size of sachet to fit in a briefcase or a handbag, the ingredients nonetheless include SUFFICIENT DAILY DIETARY FIBRE TO MAINTAIN THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM IN PEAK CONDITION AND PREVENT CONSTIPATION. Please note that this supplement contains milk product ingredients and is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or for those with an allergy to lactose products or apples

Barley natural food supplement benefits the digestive system. Each of the eight sealed sachets contains 15 grammes of Barley powder to dissolve in water for an appetising apple smoothie drink. The specially formulated barley mix includes a measured daily dose of gut-friendly Bifidus and Lactobacillus bacteria, clinically shown to promote digestive health, while recommended dietary fibre supports bowel function and acts as a gentle constipation remedy.



Barley & Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder 120g (15g x 8sachets)


Safety Information:

●Overdose might bring stomachache. ●Women during pregnancy or lactating are not recommended to take this product.


Those who have constipation, or would like to get slimmeddown.


Barley powder, Maltodextrin, Water-soluble dietary fiber, Apple concentrated juice, Heat-sterilized lactic acid cells (milk components contained), Yacon extract powder, Bifidus bacillus dried powder / Acidulant, Polysaccharide thickener, Flavor, Sweetener (Aspartame and L-phenylalanin compound, Sucralose), Vitamin C


Put a sachet (15g) in 100ml of water and mix well with spoon.

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